Dr. Barbara Heller

For the past 23 years, Barbara has coordinated various types of research projects; she blends quantitative and qualitative techniques to meet the unique needs of each situation. She has developed many innovative organization assessment approaches, including customer assessment processes and the Purpose and Process-based Model of Organization Culture Assessment. Her specialties include customer relations, conflict management, diversity/ multicultural issues, coaching and leadership. 
Most recently, Barbara worked with a major consulting firm where she specialized in helping clients design, administer, and analyze the results of major customized assessment projects. One of Barbara's special areas of interest is the alignment between customer value differentiators and organization culture capabilities. She designs, facilitates, and interprets multi-national diagnostic processes to identify targeted opportunities for comprehensive organization improvement initiatives. She has worked in many industries including retail, agricultural manufacturing, glass manufacturing, pharmaceutical, consumer electronics, consumer product manufacturing and packaging, high-tech, telecommunications, professional services, public sector and education. Barbara draws on previous work experience at L.L. Bean, Inc., and at the University of Illinois. She has extensive experience in selecting, orienting, training, and supervising staff, and in managing large complex projects.
Dr. Heller's publications include "Linking Creativity, Common Vision and Customer Connection: Synergy for Organizational Competitiveness," (Burns & Napier, National Productivity Review, Autumn, 1994) and "Distance in Organizations," (Napier & Ferris, Human Resource Management Review, Winter, 1994). 
Barbara received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Maine at Orono, with a concentration in International Affairs. She earned her Master's degree with a concentration in conflict resolution, and her Ph.D. with a concentration in organization behavior from the Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations at the University of Illinois; Urbana-Champaign.